James Fields Wants Millennial & iGen Generation To Stay "Dripping"

Gubernatorial Candidate James Fields went live on Facebook going into more details regarding his 11 point plan as Governor of Alabama. The subject was Agriculture, Business & Manufacturing and his plans to support and increase.
While going LIVE, Fields spoke about the importance of the mature and Millennial/iGen generation to unite.
Many of Alabamians have been disappointed, are less optimistic and dream less because millions of jobs have slipped out of our state, Global Warming is affecting our State, weapons are in the hands of the wrong people causing massive destruction and of healthcare challenges.
Because of internet and technology, there is a major revolution in the way we now work, commerce, communicate, healthcare & travel – including freelance careers, work from home & now cryptocurrency.
Because of the dysfunction of some policy makers, most have lost their trust in lawmakers.
Fields states, “These challenges we face, didn’t happen to us over night. Nor will we solve them over night.”
Fields requests of the more mature generations of Alabama, “Let’s leave legacies and the ability for our future generations to create.”
Of the The Millennial and iGen generation, Fields adds, “..we know you like to stay ‘Dripping’ … I AM working hard for you RIGHT Now!”
Dripping is a term that Millennials and iGen generation use to describe someone who is cool, fly or with swag.
For more information regarding James Fields, visit JamesFieldsForAL.com.

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