Film Industry & Tourism Is Of Importance To James Fields

Alabama – James Fields in a recent video states that increasing Tourism & Filming in Alabama is of major importance in the overall Economy of Alabama.

Tourism and filming industry is a part of his 11 Point Plan for Alabama.

With touring and filming comes more outsiders paying taxes in the state, more lodging, more retail buying, attracting NEW business to Alabama, attracting more conventions, attracting NEW residents, more re-estate sales and more. All of this means an overall increase in the Economy of Alabama.

James Fields states that there are so many wonder places with history, culture and entertainment for people to visit in Alabama, that many overlook.

Alabama has more water ways than many states in the country.

“Alabama has too much history to go to waste and lose”, says James Fields.

Democratic Candidate for Governor, James Fields adds that more people should know about and visit the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament, Ave Maria Grotto or the Greek Orthodox Church all located in Alabama.

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