Protecting Alabama's Natural Resources Is A Must

Protecting Alabama's Natural Resources Is A Must

Protecting Alabama’s Natural Resources Is A Must

“My plan is to take better care of Alabama’s waterways, make better use and create more opportunities of Recycling. Insure that we have quality Drinking Water, address major Sewage issues, insure better Air Quality giving Alabama citizens, animals and plants better living space NOW and leading into the Future”, says James Fields.

The state’s rich natural resources for agriculture include a long growing season, plenty of rainfall, and a variety of soils. Alabama is one of the leading lumber-producing states, with roughly two thirds of the state forested. The chief commercial trees are pines; other important woods are oak, gum, and yellow poplar. Valuable industrial resources include deposits of coal, petroleum, natural gas, iron ore, limestone, and marble.

“Wildlife in Alabama deserve a healthy environment. Citizens and tourist should enjoy the outdoors and our living treasures”, James Fields adds.

“For Alabama citizens in the black belt area to have to live in areas where there is open sewers basically in their yards is inhumane! Alabama families don’t deserve it, nor the wildlife!”, continues Fields.

Addressing and executing solutions for the black belt areas, natural resources and recycling is apart of James Fields Top 5 issues when elected.

Fields is a Director of the Alabama Wildlife Federation. It’s mission is to promote the conservation of Alabama’s wildlife and related natural resources, as a basis for the social and economic prosperity of present and future generations, through wise use and responsible stewardship of our wildlife, forests, fish, soils, water, and air. For more info regarding the oldest and largest non-profit conservation organization in Alabama visit:

For more information regarding James Fields and his mission and commitment to Move Alabama Forward, visit or

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